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February 22, 2011


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Ed Hulse

Goes to the top of the wantlist.

Claire K.

it was seriously the same, like, 16-note motif repeated over and over and over. I felt like Noriega.


I haven't seen LORNA THE EXORCIST, but there's this weird phenomenon I've noticed with some 70s Euro B-flicks. The music, as composed and recorded, is often quite good, but the way it's used in the films (probably because it was pre-recorded, or recorded without cues) is godawful, with much of it looped awkwardly. The other day I tried to re-watch THE BLOODY HANDS OF THE LAW, which has a lovely score by Stelvio Cipriani, but the music, as used in the actual film, is repetitive, tedious, and kind of just haphazardly tossed in there.

Tim Lucas

The birth of flamenco trance music is just wasted on some people! Perhaps if you don't have the images that go with the music, it works differently, but what I love about the LORNA score is that it's the only time Franco got as obsessive about a piece of music as Godard got with Delerue's elegy in CONTEMPT. With the images there, the cycling of the piece doesn't simply become repetitive but it cuts deeper, not unlike a classic James Brown funk groove.

D Cairns

The opening of She Killed in Ecstasy places groovy upbeat lounge music over shots of aborted fetuses in jars. I do have to take my hat off to that, although I may then be sick into my hat.


So, what I'm getting from the pictures is that in this movie Megan Fox kills Jay Leno?


What I get from the pictures is that Kate Beckinsale kills Norman Mailer.

That Fuzzy Bastard

What I get from the pictures is that Karen Black dances the robot while Leslie Nielsen takes a nap.


What I get from the pictures is that Ashley Judd takes a shower while John Marley sleeps off a bender.


What I get from the pictures is that lips are sweet, wallpaper sucks and Peter Finch is still dead.

Stephen Bowie

Well, actually, no, there were two Lina Romays:


(You're MAKING me be a smartass, what can I tell ya....)

Tim Lucas

Correction: The actress in the second frame is actually Catherine Laferrière. Jacqueline Laurent plays the mother in the film, not the asylum patient.

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