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February 09, 2011


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I hope you laughed out loud (but not too loud) a lot. Otherwise, you could receive the dreaded Irritated Glare from Jeff Wells.



I like pussy.

But I've only had sex like six times in 40 years.



Sex and masturbation are like blu-ray and DVD: sure nothing beats good 1080p(enetration), but I'd still rather pleasure myself with a top-notch Criterion DVD than some sloppily-mastered, public-domain BD.


I like the picture too, and I agree it's quite slight. I do think it's worth pointing out Arteta's skill at creating actual characters for what are otherwise delivery systems for situational comedy set pieces. I think his strongest work is actually last year's "Youth In Revolt," but this one shares that willingness to divert from laughs to give you some inkling of who these shrewdly drawn people are. I also really like Reilly's performance, which while kind of par for the course with him these days, is based enough in reality to lend it an air of sadness along with the many, many jokes his character spurts out. Isiah Whitlock Jr. though, very awesome.

That Fuzzy Bastard

"Nostalgic for The Breakfast Club"? I'm shocked! This sounds like it might be endurable, as I do love everyone in that cast (and am always glad to see dudes from The Wire getting work). But the very thought of Chuck & Buck still makes my skin crawl (though I think that's exactly its intention), so..... maybe.

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