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February 13, 2011


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Matthias Galvin

"the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom."
well, it should meet the polar bear, which is--according to Jon Peters--the fiercest killer in the animal kingdom

Anyway, "Randall" should have at one point said:
"well, OBVIOUSLY, we have a BADGER in the wild..."




Mine is a mongoose which plays the tambourine. Quite boring really.


And irritating when it insists on playing for hours through the middle of the night.


Bunuel, as ever, said it best:


Tom Carson

Apparently, nobody but me remembers "The Honey Badger," Hemingway wannabe Robert Ruark's version of Valley of The Dolls for men. Terrible novel, but it warped my notions of The Writer's Life beyond belief at an impressionable age.

Glenn Kenny

Robert Ruark, author of "Something of Value?!?!?!" Fuckin' A'! Come to think of it, that title WAS rattling around in the very farthest reaches of the back of my head when I was putting this together. Leave it to Mr. Carson to provide a missing piece of the puzzle. I'm looking at the prices of used editions at Amazon now...

Tom Carson

GK, feel free to bill me for the $0.01 plus postage. It's really bad, but kind of touching in a Midcentury Document way.


So, "Randall" is to David Attenborough as Tony Clifton was to Andy Kaufman?

Claire K.

Robert Ruark! The one who...oh, wait, that's Howard Roark.

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