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February 28, 2011


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That's a great quote. I wish the average contemporary "piece of shit" was half as effortlessly entertaining as MACAO.

Ed Howard

She had something alright. Her onscreen friendship with Marilyn in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES is just so much fun to watch.


I love parts of MACAO. The first ten or so minutes on the boat are very Sternberg, as is the quiet tragedy of the gangster who rules the island but can't sail past its 3-mile limit - and then tries, suicidally, anyway. There are scenes in the casino that I like better than their counterparts in THE SHANGHAI GESTURE. I don't think that Russell and von Sternberg really mesh, though; she's much more of a Hawksian type. And, a little surprisingly, she did very good work for Ray in his own film, HOT BLOOD.


Mitchum was just one of a frickin' kind.

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