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January 22, 2011


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Kent Jones

Sounds pretty good based on a couple of audio samples. When he's good, he's really good. And when he's not...

Actually, I just came across a hilarious passage in APATHY FOR THE DEVIL in which Nick Kent winds up at a party at Cher's house, where future husband Gregg Allman "was so utterly cabbaged...that he'd have been hard-pressed to punch his way through a sheet of Kleenex...At one point, Allman staggered over to a white piano to perform a slow blues for his girlfriend's guests. Whatever drugs he was embalming himself in, they certainly weren't doing his musical chops any favors. Only Ronnie Wood was impressed by the impromptu recital. He was seated next to me and mumbled words to the effect that we were both privileged to be in the presence of such a gifted entity. That's when I came to the realization that Ronnie Wood wasn't exactly the brightest light bulb in the great fuse box of life."

Glenn, I will have to respectfully disagree with you about RUSH - it's a terrible movie and he's terrible in it. But he looks great. Of course, his finest moment as an actor was on television: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBrbW60kiV4



That Superboy clip reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IawxMVsL0Xc

James Keepnews

Right on, GK -- he's one of the great singer/keyboardists in the history of American music, though perhaps not, for that, an angel (cf. an earlier solo album) much less a role model. Also, a damn fine composer who can make 11/8 sound less proggy and more like a Muscle Shoals workout than anyone else, ever -- of course "Whipping Post," what else?

And you and Kent are both right -- terrible film, Gregg's the best thing in it (I know the answer includes a production of his pops' THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON upcoming, but, on the real, WEHT Mr. Patric?). I wouldn't put Gregg up against any RSC cats, or anything, but he holds his own in the film with a certain damaged gravity and no small amount of menace, the whole part of the part, I should have thought. Shame they didn't get Gregg to do the soundtrack, favoring the weak tea Sir Eric serves up like a clock being punched on the regs.

Tell the MSN Music folks your fans want to see more music writing from you. Thank them in advance, as I do you -- and, for this interview, subsequently.


You reminded me that I want to check out that album. I agree that Allman was the stand out in "Rush", but I think Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patric were excellent also. Definitely worth seeing once. There is a killer Buddy Guy song on the soundtrack too.

Kent Jones

And back to you, I.V. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ_0nPkcb6I


I'll take your Eno-on-Father-Ted and raise you a Smiths-on-a-kids-show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quFlsFkKarE

Ian W. Hill

How about Zappa as a dealer in "weasel dust?"


The Confidence Man

Now, I'm one to talk about run-on sentences and unclear antecedents in lengthy parenthetics, but, Glenn, just how many times did Duane Allman die?

"(including the death of his beloved brother, the great guitarist Duane Allman, in a motorcycle accident in 1971, not to mention a half a dozen marriages)"

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