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January 23, 2011


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As I was watching Carlos, I kept thinking about how Ramirez fills so many of the Best Actor requirements: playing a well-known historical figure, gaining and losing a lot of weight, growing an ugly beard (a la Fat Clooney in Syriana), alternating between charismatic and psychopathic, and delivering the whole performance in five (more?) languages. Too bad it's ineligible. I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but the fact that Assayas won one of those of things surely makes them semi-respectable, right?

Owain Wilson

All I can say is, I'm glad you caved.


I fear TRUE GRIT'S momentum is actually slipping, in spite of the b.o. success. As many have noted, it's getting little to no traction in the Oscar precursor contests. The Coens didn't even get a DGA nod. THE KING'S SPEECH just scored the Producers Guild award and seems likeliest to upset THE SOCIAL NETWORK, because of the general Academy demographic.

And I doubt SHUTTER ISLAND will make the Best Picture cut, though I hope I'm wrong (and Ruffalo has a better shot for THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT -- NYFCC winner, I think, and SAG nomination). One film that will surely make it is TOY STORY 3, which maybe you forgot about.

S. Porath

It seems highly unlikely that Shutter Island will get in there for anything, not even a token (richly deserved) production design award. I'm one of those who saw it as a one-trick pony, but with you and Jim Emerson guided me to a second viewing, which was one of the most stirring experiences I've had this year in the cinema. The film felt like it was from a different genre the second time around. I've dropped the ball before and since, but rarely have I felt like such an ungrateful cinematic simpleton as I did after that second Shutter Island viewing.


If we took you and Kent Jones and the Siren and the National Society of Film Critics and all the blogs you have on the left, and you decided to chose all the oscars since 1927, under the rules that movies would eligible the year they came out, not when American distributors deigned to show them (unless the Academy actually nominated them another year) would Liv Ullmann win an oscar. Would Tarkovsky ever get a chance?

Brian R.

Mad props for incorporating Mission of Burma.

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