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January 18, 2011


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Peter Nellhaus

I liked the theater there, adjacent to the Paramount Building as I recall, but even better was a nicely furnished, extremely comfortable screening room that was in the building, where I saw "Play It Again, Sam".

Lou Lumenick

Glenn, the former Paramount Plaza / Hachette building at 1633 Broadway (the former site of Loews Capitol between 50th and 51st) is still owned by an entity called The Paramount Group, which is unrelated to the movie studio. It is not to be confused with the 1926 Paramount Building at 1493 Broadway (between 43rd and 44th) nor with Paramount's other former home at the old Gulf + Western Building on Columbus Circle (now the Trump International Hotel)that I think Peter is referring to. Anyway, it's not often you see a photo with a Zum Zum sign.

Peter Nellhaus

Aw man, my city is GONE!


Re: the Gervais/ouroboros thing, here in the UK the Golden Globes didn't get broadcast (at least on normal non-Murdoch owned television!), but I found it very amusing that on the BBCs 24 hour news channel about every fifteen minutes yesterday they would repeat the same cycle:

"Gervais said something naughty!"
(Play clip of joke)
(Cut back to presenters smirking before composing themselves)
"Has he gone too far?"

Repeat ad infinitum, occasionally lengthening the segment with an interview with a Hollywood correspondent, or getting all meta with a comment about how the media has blown things out of proportion.

I saw that clip about ten times, all in the context of reports about how terrible it was - so terrible it has to be repeated again to make sure we all caught it. (As well as being a great 'playground' way of getting around any potential libel suit - as a broadcaster they can just say that they were only repeating what the other boy was saying!)


Always nice to see a Rodgers and Hart shout-out when you least expect it.

Kent Jones

Glenn, Marty had yet to move into the Brill at that point. He might have been in the Galleria on 57th - I know that's where he and Thelma edited RAGING BULL. Then he moved down to Duane Street, and had his office on the premises, then to the upper east side, at which point he set up a suite of offices at the Brill, which is where he was when we met in 1991. There were a lot of us crammed into two rooms, but it was fun. Broadway Video was down the hall, Schrader and Richard Price had offices on the same floor. I remember one night when my friend Ken Daley and I were working late and eating some take out. Peggy Siegal walked in, looked at my food, said "Oh great, I'm STARVING!," grabbed the fork out of my hand and started eating.

Glenn Kenny

Kent: Oh well, another one for my "Isn't it pretty to think so?" file. It was in the Brill offices that I first met the maestro, in late 1989, when he was writing an essay for a Video Review anniversary issue that I was editing. It was over the Christmas holiday and he was holed up working on "Goodfellas;" the building was pretty much deserted, and he mentioned to me that he had run into Schrader, and that they chatted about how it figured that the two of them were still up in there working, after everyone else had taken off for the holiday.

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