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January 05, 2011


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Mr. Ziffel

For some reason this still brings (a youthful) Frances McDormand to mind.


I don't know; is there any real need for justifying putting a picture of Gene Tierney up besides the obvious? Plus, of course, LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN is a great movie.


I remember thinking she was pretty mean in that film.

The Siren

My favorite scene! She's about to throw herself down that staircase to get rid of that pesky interloper growing in her tummy, the one her husband seems to care about more than the fact that she's on bedrest. Ross Douthat would NOT approve.

Unkle Rusty

"I love her overbite." Hawkeye Pierce.


I have to admit that I, too, have some trouble sympathizing with Cornel Wilde in this film, mainly because his novels sound boring as crap.


Who's the chick?

How about some Elle Fanning?




Charlie R

How about because it's a photo of one of the most beautiful actresses ever in a film so beautiful photographed that each frame looks handpainted.

sheila kind

Saw this film recently and I agree with Charlie R. One of the most beautifully photographed films. I was especially fond of the scenes inside and around the wonderful hacienda, beautiful color. And who can resist that crazy odd scene where she's galloping around on the horse and disposing of her dear old dad's ashes up on the mountain top?

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