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December 16, 2010


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Late-night television showings of Rollin's films were a godsend in the days before teenage boys enjoyed open access to actual porn.

His best films are also, you know, somewhat artfully rendered and whatnot. For the most part. And that Brigitte Lahaie has got a hell of a kisser, by which I mean her entire body.

Ed Hulse

Bummer! Always hoped I'd get a chance to meet Rollin (and Lahaie too, for that matter).

A Rollin tribute marathon is definitely called for. But where to begin? SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES? DEMONIACS? GRAPES OF DEATH? FASCINATION? In recent years I've grown more fond of LIPS OF BLOOD, which may be his most perfectly realized film. That might be a good candidate with which to start.

The biggest problem with Rollin films is that the whole doesn't always equal the sum of its parts, if you know what I mean. That's why I've always found it difficult to recommend a single title to newbies interested in sampling his oeuvre.

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