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November 09, 2010


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Great film, almost proto-Malick. I'd love to see the Blu as it's always been a scratchy/murky affair in available prints.

Good too see MUBI highlighting Kazan's WILD RIVER (another poetic exploration of a dying way of life)in the article above yours.

Mike Mazurki

Lovely review for one my favourite (and criminally little-known) Michael Powell films. The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus and Colonel Blimp may get the lion's share of attention these days, but The Edge of the World proves Michael Powell was every bit a true film artist before he partnered up with Emeric Pressburger.

But - sorry to ask - I was under the impression this BFI release was Region Free? Sure hope so, as I was definitely going to order this one!

Glenn Kenny

@ MM: Ooops, my mistake, now corrected—it is a region-free disc, order away!

Mike Mazurki

Thanks Glenn, will do!

Grant L

I'm ordering away as we speak - can't wait to get it.

Am posting this question here as I'm not sure where it'd be any more apropos: are you planning on doing a little something about Jill Clayburgh? You write very, very good tributes...


EDGE OF THE WORLD will be playing at the IFC Center next weekend as the "Weekend Classic", FYI.


This is probably a dumb question, but even if the Blu-ray disc is region-free, will the PAL formatting still prevent it from playing on my player? My region-free, PAL standard DVDs don't play on my Blu-ray player. Sorry, still acquainting myself with the new technology.

Pete Apruzzese

Eric -
Blu-ray is not subject to NTSC/PAL conventions being that it's not standard definition video, so the disc will play fine for you. it also means that 'foreign' Blu-ray film transfers are not affected by PAL speedup problems, either.

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