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November 23, 2010


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Amen Glenn.
I also have a boyhood memory of Ms. Pitt's bosom on the original cover of the LP soundtrack of WHERE EAGLES DARE.
A bizarre tableau of Nazi costumed Richard Burton---his face circled--- staring at her bodice as if he were spying on THE GUNS OF NAVARONE.

Pete Apruzzese

Always a favorite of mine. She was a departure from the usual wispy blondes that Hammer's James Carreras favored, and a welcome one.

RIP, Ingrid.


Well-put, well-deserved and long-overdue, Glenn. I always had a weakness for Ingrid. I remember watching Roy Ward Baker's "The Vampire Lovers" and Peter Duffell's "The House That Dripped Blood" endless times - and just for her - in my distant youth. The Countess, yes!

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