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November 29, 2010


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Greg Ferrara

Looking forward to his banter with co-host Noah Hathaway from The Neverending Story. Should be a lot of fun.

S. Porath

I think Hathaway is a great choice- it's about time the Oscars let a director host the show, particularly one so out of fashion (hasn't had a hit since Airport). It might get awkward if Hank says what he really thinks about the Coens tranishing True Grit, but Franco should be able to restrain him (nothing says classy restraint like Jess Franco).


S. Porath: Had no idea Hathaway did uncredited work on some outdoor stuff in George Seaton's AIRPORT until your joke.

I think the most awkward aspect of a Jess Franco/Henry Hathaway dual hosting gig is that Franco is far less dead than Hathaway.


Glenn, this post typifies why I feel compelled to visit the site every day...


Well, he's got good taste at least (the actual host): http://www.criterion.com/explore/63-james-francos-top-10. Even to the point of mentioning La Cotta - kudos.

Now if they reinstated the honorary Oscars (you know, the one time the Academy actually gets it right) as part of the actual broadcast and stopped thumbing their nose at their own history, maybe I'd actually watch the damn broadcast this year.

The Siren

A loud amen for MovieMan's second graf.

Pete Apruzzese

Damn, I thought it was Franco Nero and Henry Hathaway...


If Jess is hosting, I say we start the push to give Howard Vernon a posthumous Thalberg right here.

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