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November 04, 2010


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warren oates

Glenn, so glad your plasma is fixed and the Blu-ray guide is back in full effect. Happy to see the deservedly high marks for the Keaton and the Kiarostami. And very pleased that you've mentioned Ursula Meier's HOME, which I would grade even higher myself. A very strong feature debut and a unique vision, mixing a kind of Tati/Kiarostami take on landscape, shortcuts and sense of place with simmering continental angst and the deadpan humor you've noted. Huppert sure knows how to pick her projects.


Great stuff again; I love your A+ rating of Close-Up. I read some misguided reviews that criticized the image quality for the scratches and flecks inherent to the source material.

I also love the Star is Born disc. However, I really wish there was an option to watch the restored version without the stills. As with the "restored" Greed, I think they give the film an academic flavor that I personally find distracting.

Tony Dayoub

@michaelgsmith, I agree about the stills. Takes me right out of the film. But the part of me that's a completist is happy that they are there.

@Glenn, I love THE LEOPARD, but have only seen it with the Italian track. Do you prefer the English track, rank it interchangeably with the Italian, or simply have a nostalgic soft spot for it?

Victor Morton

Let me third Michael and Tony's "stills" claim, though I speak with more confidence re GREED (which I believe is, appallingly, out of print in all North American video formats -- I have four in my apartment). The Schmidlin reconstruction (which admittedly is a lot more extensive than A STAR IS BORN) is more like a scholar's folio edition than a stand-along work of art. It's good to have, and be able to look up stuff, and experience on later viewings, of course. But if you want a successful entertainment experience or stand-alone work of art, the canonical GREED cut -- mutilated though we know it is -- works better and needs no apologies. IF IF IF IF ... you're gonna cut a 7- or 9-hour movie down to 2:10, they couldn't have done a better job.


Wonderful BluRay-Guide. When is Kino going to give you a new plasma?

One minor correction: I am fairly certain Home is actually a Swiss production.


I've really enjoyed the guide entries, Glenn. Happy to hear we'll be getting more of them now!

Mark Slutsky

The colours in the Kiarostami, hinted at in the packaging, just killed me... the spray can rolling down the street, the whole autumnal vibe (a palette I NEVER associate with the Middle East). So glad to have this on Blu-Ray.


Glenn, I might be wrong, but I think your appreciation of Carrol O'Connor's eyes in HEROES is the first such sighting since Andrew Sarris swooned over John Vernon's baby blues in his original review of Hitchcock's TOPAZ.


I'm pretty sure a 12 yr old otherbill willed himself forward through time and stormed Warners' headquarters, demanding that KELLEY'S/EAGLES blu. I haven't seen either in about ten years but I'm pretty sure I could still recount them frame for frame, so often did I while away afterschool hours watching both. "60 feet of bridge I can find almost anywhere...shmuck!".

All these Criterions mean that 50% Barnes & Noble sale is going to do even more damage to my wallet. I turned a gift card into DAYS OF HEAVEN and LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD just last night but all it did was whet the appetite.

Mike Mazurki

Nice list Glenn, and glad to see this becoming a semi-regular feature.

Of those listed, A STAR IS BORN has probably done the most for me, as it slays me too everytime. As with Ambersons, I wonder what the world would be like were the original uncut footage actually found and re-inserted, thereby fulfilling long-cherished hopes for the long-desired full Cukor vision. Extremely unlikely given the evidence and the accepted wisdom that all materials were lost/destroyed, but still one hopes. That said, it's a testament to the film's power that it works as well as it does, missing bits substituted by dialogue playing over stills and all.

That said, any chance a list of non Region A recommendations might follow? Just askin'.

Jeffrey Allen Rydell

What's wrong with DIRTY HARRY?

If it's that thing about the color being different, anybody seen a Tech print?

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