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October 24, 2010


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At least God protected you from having to watch Chloe.

Glad you're back. Great pic, by the way.

Matthias Galvin

Looking GOOD, Glenn.

And thanks for the TV info.
Though, I must say: I've always wanted to have a projector and an opaque screen, rather than a big-screen TV. But, such is passe.

Glad to know your TV is working again!

Kiss Me, Son of God

Svelte as fuck. Wanna be my personal trainer? I can pay you only in hugs and the Sisyphean frustration of watching me fail to lose weight.


WOW, Glenn, never mind your TV, tell us how you managed to "fix" yourself! What a great "before & after" shot. Very cool.

Ian W. Hill

Thanks -- I just got my first HDTV last week (also a 50" plasma) and am a little unnerved and unsure about all the info/opinions I read on how best to take care of these things. Nice to hear practical advice from someone who uses the gear but doesn't vanish into tech-spec overload.

And the blu-ray of Forbidden Planet, which I just saw last night, is indeed QUITE something. Though I think my jaw has dropped most at the Powell/Pressburger disks . . . whoa.

Stephen Bowie

So, with your HDMI inputs, you were like a commercial airliner pilot, watching Engine #1 flame out, and switching to Engine #2. Then Engine #2 flames out and you switch to Engine #3. Then Engine #3 ... There's a Jason Statham movie in this somewhere!

Anyhow, glad things are back up and running again. Coincidentally, I finally watched THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (meh) on my now 19-month old (ulp) plasma screen this weekend. How'd that junket in Dubai work out?


You also have to remember most of these TV repairmen are making this shit up in order to prise more cash out of your wallet - a surge-protecter sounds like major BS.

Glenn Kenny

@ Bosque: The thing about the cable box came from a guy who wasn't actually able to service me, or my set, rather; long story, which I didn't include in the above account for reasons of cogency/coherence. In any event, if it WAS BS, it was BS he had zero financial interest in feeding me; maybe he just liked a colorful story.

@ Stephen: When My Lovely Wife saw "GFE" at Tribeca, she was kind of aghast (in a good way) at the whole "Dubai junket" riff; "Where do you come up with this nonsense?" was her question, I believe. I was actually able to tell her; those sailors we met in Cannes in '08 had actually rhapsodized that the most beautiful women they'd seen in their travels were the Russian hookers who haunted the upscale bars of that region. So there you have it... I understand things aren't quite so "hopping" over there as they had been just a couple of short years ago...

Michael Adams

I started to say I'm sorry you're out of the running for the lead in The Victor Buono Story until I remembered CGI makes anything possible.

Glenn Kenny

@ Michael Adams: CGI notwithstanding, I'm already too old to play Buono, who unfortunately passed away well before hitting fifty. One of my motivations for getting fit, as it happens. Laird Cregar's experience was a motivation for doing so in a sane, steadily-paced way.

That being the case, I should nonetheless point out that I remain ENTIRELY available to cinematically portray pricks and creepy guys and whatnot. They'll just be thinner ones than The Erotic Connoisseur was.


Thanks for sharing the tips, Glenn. And looking very svelte indeed. Does this mean we can expect more middle of the day hang outs with Jeff Wells? (I kid, I kid...Seriously, lookin' good.)


Hang on, I'm still stuck on this "shouldn't plug my plasma into the same surge protector as my cable box" thing. I've got a Panasonic plasma set and FIOS HD box plugged into the same (very good) surge protector for a little over a year now with no problems. Why do they need to be separated? And which should be plugged into what? Getting a little nervous over here.

Owain Wilson

I'm going through this whole sorry debacle as I type. Luckily, Panasonic have agreed to fix my completely buggered plasma TV for free, even though it's out of warranty. Nice!

Oh, Glenn, you handsome so and so!


wow, you do look great!!!

David J

The best thing anyone can do for their electronics - stereos, TVs, etc. is to plug them into a UPS. With a UPS, you're running power from the battery which provides stable, even power. There is no fluctuation of voltage, which can cause issues with your equipment even if there is no surge or brown out. Beyond that, if there is a brief power outage, you can continue to watch your Blu-Ray/DVD without interruption. When the freaky wind storm/tornado blew through Carroll Gardens a few weeks ago, my lights flickered, but my picture continued playback.

They are an investment, but well worth it.

And congratulations on the weight loss!

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