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October 31, 2010


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Might the opening shot of 'Trainspotting' come next in the sequence (if sequence it is)?

Castle Bravo

Not the opening shot of Trainspotting. Maybe #2. #1 is the sidewalk-level shot as the feet stomp by, no?...

Actually, an interesting comparison, though it doesn't involve multiple characters, might be Jack running through the hedge maze in The Shining. I'd make sure he got those damn Von Trapps!


A different sequence could be De Niro being hauled through that tunnel of lightbulbs in NEW YORK, NEW YORK, to John Goodman running down the burning hallway in BARTON FINK, to Helena Bonham Carter, on fire, running to her doom in MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN. I've had those three images linked in my head for years. The big problem is that MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN is terrible.


The opening shot of MILLENNIUM MAMBO.


Valli and Cotten in the cemetery at the end of THIRD MAN

Fabian W.

The opening shot of HOT FUZZ.

Jeff McM

I think Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is good, albeit with major flaws.

Jason M.

And Edo wins. Definitely the opening shot of Millennium Mambo.


The final shot (quick though it is) of Brando under the metro tracks in the beginning of Last Tango in Paris: both a chronological and thematic bridge from the first two featured shots to the third.

Matthias Galvin

Your post is more coherent and interesting filmmaking that I've seen in such short form in quite some time.

Bruce Reid

I can't help thinking the stated chronological order is reverse: from young adults to children to rebirth. I was so much older then, and all that.

Eh, it's a thought.

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