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October 11, 2010


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I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I actually read the post. As I was pretty sure that when I saw the headline on the sidebar that I was about to suffer the wrath of Kenny.

PS. I'm making the Guiness Stew today so thanks.


Of course now I'll probably get if for the extraneous that. Durn lack of "Delete Comment" button.


Gary Lucas's track with Mary Margaret O'Hara, Poison Tree, is probably the best thing that mercurial creature (O'Hara I mean) ever recorded. Has Gods and Monsters bit the dust for good? I truly hope not.

D Cairns

Not Paul Leni! Carl Boese (don't know who he is) and Paul Wegener (the big fellow himself). Wish I could have heard this, and that.

Glenn Kenny

Yeeargh! That's what I get for updating on the fly and in a hurry. Correction made. You may yet see and hear either, or both, as long as Gary's out there playing. He's more than eager to present both scores wherever a host can accommodate him..

Tom Russell

Wish I could've been there. I love the Spanish Dracula (put me in the better-than-the-English-one camp).

The Confidence Man

Bela Lugosi ... erm, Carlos Villarias Is Not Dead, He's Alive and Well and Living in Steve Carrell?

(Yes, it's the rare Bauhaus-Jacques Brel "cover" mashup)


Is he likely to come to Spain at all with this? The Filmotéca here in Madrid has done a few shows with live scores over the last year or so (Epstein's -Fall of the House of Usher-; -Pandora's Box-), and this sounds great. He'll be in France in mid-November, which is near Spain, right?


The Count also gives off a little Patrick Macnee vibe in that pic.

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