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October 24, 2010


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I loved this. You're right about the Kasem thing, and why it's awesome. You're right about Galifianakis (who I admit to generally finding funny) and his bullshit self-righteousness. And it's just a great deal of fun to read. I like you like this.

And that Tosches line is killer.

Dan Coyle

Wasn't Galfanakis the one who used to say in his stand up that "Political correctness is killing liberalism?" (Which, given how well Team Breitbart uses it as a club, probably is) If he was really behind that, shame on him.

Chris O.

"And I LIKE being lousy at generalizations. Not making generalizations is the rock upon which I build my church, so to speak."

And it's so damn refreshing. Thank you.

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