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October 07, 2010


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Tom Russell

Very much agree re: that break-up-so-they-can-make-up twenty-minute third act extender-slash-sad-montage-with-lots-of-dissolves-set-to-pussy-pop-music. They've always bored the hell out of me. I think perhaps it's an attempt to go "deeper" with the characters and their "emotional journey", but as it almost always happens in the bauble-iest of rom-coms, it doesn't really work, just drags the whole thing down.

Jason M.

So, you're saying I'd be better off watching 'Social Network' then?


HEIGL = YUM. She makes the WORST movies but I could watch her in anything. Also Lucas and Duhamel are cool dudes, so I'm totally going to see this.

Do they show her feet a lot in it?

Terry McCarty


Hoping Ms. DiNovi (however long she was involved with the production) didn't have to suffer the slings and arrows of mother and daughter Heigl telling her how to make a movie.

Glenn Kenny

Lex: Pretty much agreed on Heigl. She's extremely...what's the word?...watchable, I find. Got nothing against Duhamel and like Lucas, although the latter carries a real "you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?" vibe throughout. It's like, "Didn't I pay these dues in 'Sweet Home Alabama?' When did I turn into the below-the-Mason-Dixon-line latter day Ralph Bellamy?"

As for feet, not so much. This Berlanti fella ain't Buñuel. In ANY respect.


I know this is not the point of the post, or the movie, but as a lawyer, I look at the left background of that screencap and think, "What production designer thinks that people keep an entire set of US Supreme Court reporters in their homes?"

Dan Coyle

Having read Berlanti's script for Green Lantern- and by "read", I mean, "thrown across the room after the 500th invocation of Hal Jordan's dead daddy issues" I just have to say, I hope they got some rewrites on that sucker.

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