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October 29, 2010


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So do the octopoid monsters actually come back and perform "Give Peace a Chance"? Cuz that I'd watch, preachy or no.

Too bad. I had high hopes for this.

Jason M.

Hell, they don't even have to perform "Give Peace a Chance." I'd plunk myself down in a theater for the monsters singing "It's a Small World After All."

So, am I also correct in assuming that, in fact, the titular monsters may be, you know, referring to us?

Stephen Whitty

Given the hat-tip to "Apocalypse Now" at the beginning, I was rather hoping for a Dennis Hopper character to show up near the last third of the film, ranting.

"Aliens, man. You can't just build a WALL, man. Cause you're only walling YOURSELF in, man." Or something to that effect.

Just in case, you know, there were a few mouth-breathers who needed the movie's obvious point explained to them even more obviously.

Like you, Glenn, I liked the giant ambulatory octopi. I even didn't mind the sort of deja-viewed "Salvador" feel to the whole thing. (Would "Salvador" have been even better if James Woods had been attacked by a giant extraterrestrial? Discuss.)

But in the end, this is one of those movies that's more interesting for how little it cost, rather than how much it says (which is far less than it thinks)...


Agreed. I walked out of the film kind of impressed by the camerawork and the sense of real-world versimilitude, as well as, of course, the effects -- that final octopi coupling at the gas station is really cool, and in a better movie would have knocked me out flat -- but the storytelling is flat and all the performances are pretty wan. I mean, Scoot McNairy, nice guy though I'm sure he is, doesn't have much in the way of a James Woods charisma. Which this film desperately needs.


I'm not so sure the budget and the film's supposed self-awareness of high-mindedness are the real problems. The real problem is probably, you know, 'it's not that great'. Have no fear, though! On the Silver Globe is coming out on DVD!

Michael Cusdin

The tag-line when "Monsters" screened here at the local international film fest here two months back was something to the effect of 'horror meets Cassavettes'. Instead of pulling me in, I recoiled with a "what the...?" frown.

I agree with your review, Glenn - when it comes to horror, i prefer to have the thought-provoking messages embedded within a sea of visceral thrills.


I wish people, you know, would stop, you know, trying to write like, you know, Glenn.

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