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October 03, 2010


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D. Malorkus

Didn't you say something about writing about The Social Network for some other venue...did that ever happen? Link?

Glenn Kenny

Said venue has moved its hard launch date up to November 15, so no, it's not happening, unless I still think it's got juice as fodder for a "think" piece, such as it is, which it might. If it happens, when it happens, an appropriate post with a link will go up.

Account Deleted

One of the nice things about following your site is the gradual realisation that not only are you a really interesting film writer (we've all known that since the Premiere days) but you're also a really interesting writer, full stop. Lovely piece.

Now that i've done some serious ass-kissing can I get your Spielberg trilogy (A.I./Minority Report/Catch Me If You Can) piece sometime soon? Please?

Craig Kennedy

That was a nice break from movies, for you I expect as well as us. Thanks, Glenn.


You were probably right about the cyclists. I can't think of another subculture that has so many entitled assholes. Apparently they want all the rights of cars yet feel they should be allowed to run red lights, turn without signaling, etc.

Chris O.

Ha. My wife taught for several years and I've grumbled a few times about being subjected to "teacher tone" even if I've mostly deserved it.

Wonderful. More like this please.

Kiss Me, Son of God

I hope said think-piece includes a rebuttal to the maddening complaints that TSN is misogynistic or sexist or whatever. If you're gonna turn anything into a political concern-fest, you don't deserve to watch good cinema.

jim emerson

I really enjoyed that.

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