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October 08, 2010


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Great stuff Glenn, the only Ruiz I've seen is Time Regained, and not having read Proust (I know...I'll get to it) I was a bit baffled. This seems like a good place to try and get back in the water.


"Filme do Desassossego". New movie from João Botelho, adaptaded from the "Book of Inquietude" (O Livro do Desassossego) by Fernando Pessoa (in the case Bernardo Soares). For you americans it will be hard, since even in Portugal the movie is only screening in a few movie theatres and only for two or three sessions per room (city).


Fernando Pessoa, Camilo Castelo Branco and Eça de Queiróz. Uau.

Meantime, if you have the opportunity ask Gary about Norberto Lobo. The last time I heard he astonished.


Sounds like it's based on a book by the guy who wrote Mysteries of Paris, which is an ur-text for Barry Gifford. I'd like to see Ruiz and Gifford work together some day. In fact, why hasn't he done more movie work outside of his stuff with Lynch? (Oh yeah, he's worked with, um, Matt Dillon too...)


Yay! Raoul Ruiz! Time Regained, the best movie of 1999!

As for Castelo Branco, I must confess I've never heard of him before today. The other leading 19th century Portuguese novelist Jose Maria de Eca de Quieroz is, however, one of the great novelists of his time. I have neither read nor seen the movie of The Crime of Father Amaro. But Les Maias, The Relic, and The Tragedy of the Street of Flowers, are all excellent books.

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