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October 13, 2010


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Nathan Kerr

Ack, ack! Awesome news Glenn, looking forward to your DVD Guide.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks, Nathan. And thanks to everyone who chimed in with moral support, commiseration, and monetary contributions to the tip jar. It all really helped. The amount of catching up to do is literally UNBELIEVABLE, but the next two or maybe even three Consumer Guides are now in the works...

Tony Dayoub

Thank the Almighty.

(Privately, I hope this does not assuage the cranky curmudgeon I tune in for too much.)


And that's what you decided to watch?

Robert Merk

I thought you said it was fixed? It appears your set is still prone to displaying REALLY bad Tim Burton films.

Welcome back.

Glenn Kenny

@ Bill: Ack ack! Ack ack ACK ACK!!!! ACK ack ack ACK!!!!

That's kind of the joke, as I think you actually probably already know. I had to do a test run of things for my delightful TV repair guy, and that recently-gotten disc was there on the coffee table, so I thought, what the hell. Looks pretty great, too.

In any event, given all I've got to catch up with, it sort of scarcely matters what I put in first. Just so you know, we've got "Psycho" in the box at the moment. I am DYING of thirst-a-roonee....


Okay, but didn't you want to show off to the repair guy? "You want to test it? Well, I guess VIVRE SA VIE will have to do."

I don't even hate MARS ATTACKS, but I'm sure SWEENEY TODD must have been close by!


Of course, it didn't help that 'Mars Attacks!' had the misfortune to come after what is still, almost certainly, Burton's best film.

Tom Russell

Oliver-- I didn't know MARS ATTACKS was made immediately after BEETLEJUICE.


That's why I said "almost".

jim emerson

Hitachi be praised!


Congrats on getting the thing fixed, Glenn.

And aw, I liked MARS ATTACKS! Though how one can hate any movie where aliens are killed off by Slim Whitman singing "Indian Love Call" is beyond me...

Ryland Walker Knight


Jeff McMahon

Mars Attacks is merely a mediocre Burton movie, not a bad one (the bad ones being Alice in Wonderland, and Planet of the Apes). Oh, and congrats, finally.

Mark Slutsky

Mars Attacks is great, you philistines.

Glenn Kenny

@ Mark Slutsky: Agreed. Also: Aaak! Ak aak AAAAK! AAAK AAAK AAK AK!

Kent Jones

GK, wait till you get a load of THE EXORCIST and THE MALTESE FALCON.


SWEENEY TODD and ED WOOD. For pulpier Burton, I swear by SLEEPY HOLLOW. MARS ATTACKS is fun, I'll grant you. I don't think anybody here disagrees on his worst films. And boy, for a director I generally like, his worst films are TERRIBLE!

Stephen Bowie

Awesome news, Glenn. I'll swing by with the popcorn this afternoon!

Pete Segall

Can't think of a better way to break in a new machine than with the shimmering image of Jim Brown dressed up as a pharaoh...

Didn't Martin Amis once take a crack at the screenplay?


Burton'sCharlie and the Chocolate Factory was an abomination, with the exception of the very amusing Deep Roy musical numbers. Him and Johnny Depp (WTF??) should have been blacklisted for a few years to reconsider their vocations.

Planet of the Apes for me was, along with Spielberg's The Lost World, one of the most soulless enterprises I've ever seen from a major director.

Having said that, to my surprise I liked Sweeney Todd a lot, though I would have preferred a better singer (and actor) in the title role.


I think I hated the Deep Roy numbers most of all. Depp had certain sinister moments that I kind of liked, but otherwise hated the movie. "Soulless" is the perfect description of PLANET OF THE APES. The only person who gave a shit on that one was Rick Baker.

And I thought Depp nailed SWEENEY TODD up and down. I absolutely adore that film.

Owain Wilson

The best Tim Burton film is his first.

Thrilled the box is back in action. ('Box' doesn't really work anymore as a nickname for TV, does it?)

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