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October 23, 2010


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@GK: So, what does this mean for the Blu Ray? Have yo seen it yet, GK? I'm holding it off til I get some reviews. I'm always concerned about older films because you never can tell how they will hold up. If anything, I think older B&W films tend to fare better (see THE MAGICIAN and PATHS OF GLORY) than a number of color films. I want to buy it, just am not wanting to get screwed if I do.

Peter Nellhaus

Let us know which version of "Black Sabbath" will be shown. I'm so glad that Bava's original version was made available to compare with AIP's hack job.

Victor Morton

When I saw CARLOS yesterday at the Philadelphia Philm Phestival, they played the film for about 25 minutes and I thought "this looks terrific." Then the lights go up at the point where some weapons are being snuggled back to West Germany. Phestival person explains that they're showing the wrong version of the film, "a 2 1/2 hour version, so we need to switch." They start again after a few minutes and I instantly recognize that it's digital only the digital projector hasn't been set up right and we see first a compressed image, then a slightly less appalling "full screen" image taking up only the middle 2/3 of the widescreen space. All the while, you can sometimes see the controls and adjustments they're trying to make onscreen, like on your TV at home. This lasts maybe 3-5 minutes before they finally get the right settings and we see a reasonably good widescreen image projected to fill the auditorium screen. If it had lasted much longer, I would have walked out and demanded my money back.

Fortunately, CARLOS kicked more ass Saturday afternoon than even Cain Velasquez did Saturday night. And within 10 minutes of the final proper restart I had forgotten about the woes except to the extent I noticed material cut out. It was just at the hour-mark of the restart that we got to the point where the first effort was halted.


The Film Forum recently screened one of the restored 35mm prints of KWAI. It also was something of a mixed bag. Some of the picture is and likely will always be incredibly grainy (in addition, there's apparently nothing to be done about the sudden torrent of grain whenever there's a dissolve), but the image looked improved in definition and color density and consistency from the previous restoration. I don't recall any darkness issues; if anything, I worried that the image might have been overly bright. I really like this film. It was a kick finally seeing it at 2.55:1; I wish I could have seen it on a really big screen in a big house like the Lafayette.

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