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September 30, 2010


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The Rule of the Three...

First time I saw Tony Curtis was as Stony Curtis in The Flintstones. That was one handsome cartoon.

Stephen Whitty

I think the best performance Tony Curtis NEVER gave was Ray Liotta's in "Goodfellas." The line between that and Sidney Falco is so sharp you could cut yourself on it.


Rotch - Curtis, Penn, Menke, Stuart - I count four.

RIP Tony. Terrific actor, terrific career.

That Fuzzy Bastard

One of the things that was so endearing about Curtis was how, like Tarantino, he never became jaded. In every interview, he came off as a super-fan who was thrilled by his own good fortune. RIP



I suddenly forgot about Stuart. What a sad week.


Years ago, before DVD, I bought this VHS box-set of Orson Welles movies -- it had MR. ARKADIN, THE TRIAL and...THE STRANGER? I can't remember. Anyway, it felt like some public domain situation, because the set was really cheap, but each film was introduced by Tony Curtis. I could never figure out why. Also, he was wearing gloves.


Steven Hart

Sidney Falco, now and forever.


James Keepnews

Must-mentions: WINCHESTER '73, THE BOSTON STRANGLER, THE LAST TYCOON, INSIGNIFICANCE. Among a couple few others, to be sure. Such a long, varied, superb career. Peaceout, Mr. Curtis.


Yeah, I heard the sad news of Tony Curtis passing away, while listening to the radio, in the middle of the night.

I immediately said a little prayer for the man.

A few weeks ago, I showed my wife, 'Captain Newman, M.D.' for the first time. I was happy she enjoyed it as much as I did. One of those little gems of a film, in which Tony Curtis brought his movie star shine, that made you just sit there and smile. Sweet.

No question about the quality of his work in classics such as 'Sweet Smell of Success' 'The Defiant Ones' and 'Some Like It Hot' but it was movies like 'Mister Cory' 'Trapeze' and 'Operation Petticoat' that I saw as a kid, I remember so fondly.

Just a solid entertainer. A good actor. Like Jack Lemmon, one of those guys who could do comedy and drama, so well. You're correct Glenn, we truly won't see his like again.

Rest In Peace Tony Curtis. And thanks for the smiles.


James: I'm pretty confident that Tony Curtis isn't in WINCHESTER '73--now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out which title you're confusing it with.

The story I'm repeating everywhere today is sitting two rows behind Curtis at a 1999 screening of THE BOSTON STRANGLER (maybe his greatest performance) as part of a Richard Fleischer tribute by the American Cinematheque.


Almost the second I hit "post" I remembered that Curtis IS in WINCHESTER '73. D'oh!

James Keepnews

JB -- You were close: "Tony Curtis" is not in WINCHESTER '73, but "Anthony Curtis" is!


For some strange reason, it just popped up in my head...55 years ago today, Jimmy Dean. RIP.

Unkle Rusty

I always felt Robert Downey Jr. has been channeling Mr. Curtis his whole career. Even looks a bit like him.

Chris O.

Thanks, Mr. Keepnews, for the INSIGNIFICANCE reminder. Wow.


I feel a sense of dislocation, kinda like I did when Marlon Brando died. Only I don't remember hearing about Tony Curtis. He just always was.

Brando was so enigmatic as to seem other than human, so it just never occurred to me that he could die. Curtis was always there and very much human, full of life and joy.

God rest his soul. I raise my glass to his spirit!

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