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September 06, 2010


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Joseph B.

There's something about this September sun I suppose. Here in Texas, I was driving through central Tx to visit family Friday night, and it was one of the most visually peaceful drives I can ever remember. Dark storm clouds were behind me and to the east (I was driving south) and the setting sun in the west made the dark clouds this moody blue (pardon the pun) while it made the green and yellow grass and fields extra gaudy. Quite remarkable. I'm just glad I'm alive and healthy to notice the little pleasures like this.

Jesse M

This is where I've lived for the past 5 years... right by the Hospital in Sunset Park (57th & 2nd-ish), and before that, 77th St between 4th and 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge. When you get down to first and second avenues, Bay Ridge becomes a suburb that seems to be from a different universe than the rest of Brooklyn.

In Sunset Park, on the other hand, it becomes the same commercial-industrial sprawl, but suddenly, all the foot traffic vanishes. Late at night, it tends to look almost ghost-town neutron bomb post-apocalyptic, like something swept away all the people and just left the neon and tungsten lights hanging in the air, illuminating the empty streets. The building facades are high and featureless, and thus almost labyrinthine, with lots of mysterious cargo bays and posted notifications.

I keep wanting to shoot something here... a short film about the empty neighborhood, or a Scorched Earth post-apocalypse exploration log, or something. It seems that on your detour through my neighborhood, you recognized a lot of the same things that captivate me when I go on walks each night.


I live in Bay Ridge right now (Ft Hamilton Parkway off of 92nd). That's a nice shot of Bay Ridge in the evening.

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