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September 15, 2010


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After you've seen BLACK SWAN, which I can only assume will be playing NYFF, steal a copy and send it to me. Thx!




This is going to be a stupid question, and I wanted to ask Wells this last week during the latest round of everyone mocking his vintage Drake Hogestyn-from-Days of Our Lives headshot:

How do you get a pass that has a photo of your own choosing in it? It looks like these would have to be made by a pro, so I would assume they'd snap a pic of you on the spot and whip it up there. Do you send them a pic well in advance, do you (or Jeff) just carry around stacks of headshots, or do the festival runners DO THE RESEARCH and pre-make the passes with whatever photo of you they can find on the net?


No Aronofsky at NYFF this year, alas. I think I can handle the longing until it gets a general release.

Not that I'm competing with anyone...blogging...here... erm... but I've been hitting the gym pretty hard myself this year and I'm proud to say, the jeans I stashed in my closet a few years ago, because I couldn't even come close to buttoning them, are now too big for me to wear. It's a good feeling, no?


@Lex - you have to submit your own picture, either by email or a print.

Stephen Bowie

Great pickup line. "You guys actually defecate?" I gotta give that one a try.

Glenn Kenny

@ Stephen Bowie: Not everything posted here—particularly under the "self-indulgence" category—is necessarily meant to be taken at 100% face value.

Yes, one does generally submit one's own head shot. With some folks who I will not name here, it amounts to a form of denial. Of course that was the case with me for a while; I submitted the above several times when I was a 300-pound bag of bloat, with a big more-white-than-black beard, too, at that. Sad. I shot the shot it to the NYFF people this year as an experiment, sort of, which I'm happy to note kind of worked out.

Stephen Bowie

Now, of course, you should switch to the William Conrad pic.

Evelyn Roak

The badge pic bears a resemblance to Luc Sante.


@Evelyn Roak - I was going to venture a resemblance to John Lurie. Like, not quite an angry John Lurie, but more John Lurie tellin' it like it is to someone.

I'm just going to stop now.

Terry McCarty

The photo of you holding the badge shows you now resemble Gene Siskel.

Glenn Kenny

So much depends upon...the pose. The particular facial expression on the press badge is something I'd be hard pressed to reproduce and "hold" on demand; the photographer, the great Svend Lindbaek, had me stand in front of some seamless and tell dirty stories, or vent about some jerk, or some combination thereof, and snapped away. His preferred shot, as above, shows me delivering the final tell-off, or something. Whereas my pose holding the press pass is more "whaddya-gonna-do" faux avuncular in the Siskel publicity-shots-for-"At The Movies" mode.

John M

What's the nicest, most gentle way to say "You look like a Nazi guard in that badge photo"?

Because it's sorta meant as a compliment...?

Digging a hole am I.

Aaron Mesh

N. P. Thompson once said I looked like a redneck constantly toasted on moonshine, and that was when we were still speaking.

Jeff McMahon

Wells hates people knowing that he's over the age of 60.

Just sayin'.

Don R. Lewis

Our horror film (THE VIOLENT KIND) recently got into Austin's Fantastic Fest and for their badge, they require you shake your face back and forth as hard as possible and have someone snap a pic. The photos are freeking hilarious....they look like "you" after you've been slapped around the head or stuck in a wind tunnel.

The Confidence Man

So, the models were quoting De Niro in Brazil, right?


i think the two pictures support the fashionista's comment, the intense, seemingly pissed off, furrowed brow vs the chill, what'sup brow furrowed. Either way revel in the 'looking good' comments cause you do! and you earned the right to feel good about! you go bro!

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