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September 21, 2010


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Tom Russell

This probably doesn't speak well for me, but I found that dog joke to be very funny. It seemed like it had some... bite.


Chris O.

Count me as one who sometimes "derives a perverse enjoyment out of awful jokes", if I'm in the right frame of mind (and, no, I don't mean "high"... a little drunk, possibly). Particularly, if the jokes exampled are executed in a dry/subtle way, rather than loud/broad. Still, if I had to Sophie's Choice these jokes or that of the recent ___ MOVIE "comedies" (beginning with SCARY MOVIE) -- or movies/TV programs where the working comedy theory is "loud = funny" -- I'd choose the former, eight or nine times out of 10.

Enjoyable report, nonetheless.

Michael Adams

Your use of "this ever-changing world in which we're livin'" made me think I've been wrong all these years and Sir Paul doesn't actually sing "this ever-changing world in which we live in," but the sites with the lyrics have it this way. Don't tell my wife, but Sir Paul is as fallible as the rest of us.

Love the dog joke.

Fuzzy Bastarrd

I don't think I'd call the dog joke awful either! Morally untenable, obviously, and packed full of incredibly ugly beliefs, but not inherently awful. Unless one actually believes a joke cannot be both a pretty decent joke and morally appalling, but I think that's a pretty shaky premise.

Tom Russell

Update: I shared the what-I-thought-was-very-amusing dog joke with my missus, and it seems she shared Glenn's opinion; afterwards she threatened to "bop" me, which is not, sadly, some sort of sexy euphemism but rather a promise of physical (if hopefully comical) violence.


Oh, that joke's not that bad. It's a classic that's less funny now due to familiarity, but it's perfectly fine overall. It reminds me of a Goon Show bit, which I can barely remember, and can't find handy quotes from on-line, that has to do with a misunderstanding among unpleasant rich folks at a restaurant who believe the menu indicates that children are a protein to be served. As I say, I can't remember how it plays out, but the big laugh involves one of them wondering about the children's preparation, and Peter Cook saying "Oh, I imagine they just spring it on them."

Same basic structure, I'd say, as the dog joke. Much funnier than the dog joke, too, but it's part of the same sensibility.

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