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September 27, 2010


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that line of spittle is glorious

Jeff McMahon

This sounds like a new art project for John Waters.

Stephen Bowie

I'm sure that wad of slobber is how she'd want to be remembered.

Glenn Kenny

Boy, all of a sudden I just can't win with Mr. Bowie. I should just kill myself or something. More likely "or something." But you never know. Although if I DID kill myself, I wouldn't want the guy to feel too guilty or anything. Or would I? Maybe I should get to bed, see what fresh wonders tomorrow will bring...

Stephen Bowie

Actually, Glenn, I thought the wad of slobber was kind of funny. (Alternate post title -- Say It, Don't Spray It: Gloria Stuart 1910-2010.) But now that you've gone ahead and pushed the Gloria tribute thread all the way to its inevitable conclusion, i.e., speculation as to whether your afterlife-ensconced essence would or would not want one mildly sardonic commenter to feel guilty about your hypothetical suicide, my clarification feels a little belated, perhaps. I'm sorry if the sort-of-criticism was excessive, though.

Corollary: if you run into Ms. Stuart up there, will she or will she not have a sense of humor about the spittle thing?

Stephen Whitty

She was lovely in the early Whale films, too, even when being menaced by butlers and adored by invisible men. Looked as if she were born to wear satin.

And a movie star to the end. When Fox was doing the "Titanic" junket, I was waiting around in the hospitality suite for James Cameron when I noticed there was room service and bottles of champagne everywhere.

"Ah," a publicist said. "Well, yes. Miss Stuart had the room last..."

Johan Andreasson

According to actors who worked with him, nothing could make Bo Widerberg happier than a visible saliva string in a movie kiss, something that wasn’t planned but just happened on the spot.

The Siren

Stephen, I love that story. She was never someone I ardently adored or followed but I regret every tie to that era that is lost. I probably won't write a tribute to her myself, so I am glad Glenn and others are giving her good ones.

Michael Adams

Stuart's second husband, Arthur Sheekman, co-wrote the screenplay for Some Came Running, a film familiar to some in these here parts.

C. Jerry Kutner

As Robert Altman said, "The death of an old man is not a tragedy." Same goes for women. We should all live so long and have such full lives.


R.I.P. another talented lady of cinema, who tragically didn't come near Stuart's longevity -- Sally Menke, Tarantino's regular and able editor.

K. Bowen

Really Glen, I saw Gold Diggers of 35 about a month ago. A choice between saliva or the Lullaby of Broadway or dancing pianos sequences ..... yeah, sorry. I think I'm going with the musical numbers.

RIP Ms. Stuart.

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