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September 28, 2010


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Lord, my dad took me to see that when it came out. It was part of a double bill with that trippy surfing documentary Crystal Voyager with Pink Floyd music. Quite the experience for an 11 year old.


I'm quite sure you've mentioned this before, Glenn, but which region free blu-ray player do you own? Eureka!/Masters of Cinema's slate alone is giving me serious incentive to pick one up. I did a cursory google search and found a few name brand hacked units, but I seem to remember your player being of a more...arcane variety. Or am I crazy?


This film was a staple of USA's late great Night Flight series back in the day (AKA my childhood). I saw it quite a few times. Ah, nostalgia.

Sal C

This entry only has me hungering for the next installment in Glenn's Blu-ray Consumer Guide.
When is part 2 gonna see the light of day?

Glenn Kenny

Well, Sal, depends. Soon, I hope. But such an enterprise needs full-time access to a plasma display, which I haven't yet got sorted...

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