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August 13, 2010


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John Nolte is a nice guy.

Evelyn Roak

Jeez Lex, of all people I'd think you'd be one to refer to that Robin Williams steaming pile of a movie as SNATCH ADAMS. You have let me down.

Hoping to get to Scott Pilgrim soon. Not really a fan of the source material but I really like Edgar Wright's other films. Am very much looking forward to pal Simon Pegg in Greg Mottola's new film PAUL.

Dan Coyle

G: I think John's pretty much definitively proven that he's nice... to you.


Because Lex is a Republican at heart duh. Like Wells.

Dan Coyle

Wells is more of a nihilist, but in his defense, i got a big kick out of his recent characterization of George Lucas as "Goiter-necked".

Glenn Kenny

"John Nolte is a nice guy."

Which completely makes up for his being an intellectual fraud with a persecution complex whose every prose utterance is a child's garden of belligerent tired clichés completely bereft of any wit, let alone critical thought. Right?

And also, I doubt he's really THAT nice, when you come right down to it.

don r. lewis

Note to all...

Jeff Mc and I can attest that anything you read here from Mr. G is a boring recapitulation of him from Poland's blog for the past 2-3 years. In fact, his "F-minus" rating was a direct cut and paste from Polands blog.

"Lex:" Bring some good shit or take it back over there or to Wells' place....we're talking movies here.


Don Lewis:

Stop fucking emailing me. I'm not giving you a penny for your goddamn dog movie, so your 8,987,142 BEGGING FOR MONEY emails have all gone into the trash unopened.

Christ, tranny hookers have more pride.

Terry McCarty

Now I'm wishing that Michel Gondry had directed SCOTT PILGRIM and Edgar Wright had taken on THE GREEN HORNET instead.


One scene, in which Scott wanders trying to figure out how to break up with Knives, is largely done with dissolves, and the use of such a traditional transitional device actually comes as a shock in this context.

I found the use of blackout lighting to be similarly charming (and bewildering).

Jeff McMahon

That 'tranny hookers' line is also a retread.

I saw this over the weekend and quite enjoyed it, a lot more than I was expecting given the trailers and 'love it or hate it' vibe. I'd say it's basically the movie that Speed Racer should have been but wasn't, due primarily to the lightness that Wright gives the material (as opposed to the Wachowski's sour pretentiousness).

Too bad it's flopping. I'd like to see Wright do a musical (or, probably better for his career, a full-on horror movie).

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