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August 26, 2010


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Jason M.

Very sad, and so sudden, too; pancreatic cancer is a vicious disease. I wasn't a fan of all of his films, but they were consistently interesting, and he just kept getting better with each film.

He will definitely be missed.

Does anyone know the status of Dream Machine, his latest (and now final) project? He'd been working on it for several years now; I really hope it's far enough along that it can be completed posthumously.


I am a fan of all of his films as well as Paranoia Agent (well, I only recommend Perfect Blue with a long caveat, especially to women), but I'm really glad you used a still from Tokyo Godfathers, which I think is really underrated. Millennium Actress is my favorite, but I don't understand why people dismiss Godfathers so readily. Sure it's schmaltzy, but it is a Christmas movie after all.

 don r. lewis

I'm sure many have already seen it, but they've posted Satoshi's final goodbye here:

Very touching and humble and makes me want to just walk off this job and go spend the day with my wife and child.

Jason M.

Don, thanks much for posting Satoshi Kon's goodbye. I hadn't seen it; it's very moving.

Lord Henry

Second that. Thanks, Don. Thanks, Glenn.


Kon's "With my heart full of gratitude for everything good in the world, I'll put down my pen," follows nobly in the Japanese tradition of deathbed poems.



I can't say that I'm a fan of a lot of anime, but I liked Kon's work very much. He had the sensibilities of a real filmmaker/storyteller and was quite remarkable. His death is simply tragic and, I must admit, has hurt. Thanks for posting this.


"Tokyo Godfathers" is partially based upon the John Wayne western "Three Godfathers." Satoshi Kon will be missed and it seems from his last letter that "Dream Machine" will be finished. May it be so.

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