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August 15, 2010


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And yet YOU have never posted ANYTHING INTERESTING EVER.

But by all means, take my load like a good little bitch, trans-mogrifier (NICE NAME DORK.)

Take it bitch.


Oh and make sure to TIP the UNEMPLOYED MIDDLE AGED, DEPRESSING BALD FAILURE on your way out.

A TIP JAR. And again, funny, Glenn NEVER acknowledges or compliments ANY OF HIS REGULAR READERS, like a good WHORE he just takes your money and laughs all the way to the bank. Has Glenn even EVER acknowledged ANY of the comments on his bunk-ass SHITTY blog?

You guys pay him to CONDESCEND TO YOU. Instead tell him to get a nice bookstore job like the TOTAL FAILURE he is.


Lex: now say goodnight....
"Any motherfucker, who says in any given situation, that his dick ain't worth a shit, is telling a lie..."-James Toback (without ever visiting any of the numerous boards you've posted on).

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