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August 14, 2010


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This was a punch to the gut. I just finished posting her jaw-dropping rendition of "Nature Boy" on my Fb page. Some people have "it". She seemed to have been constructed using nothing but "it".

Chris O.

Wow. Saw her live once in Chicago about thirteen years ago where she did a wonderful version of "Mr. Tambourine Man". The audience was transfixed through the whole set; I'm glad to have had that experience.

Mandy Moore

Don Maggin's forthcoming bio of Max Roach will have more about the Max-Abbey relationship and vicissitudes.

I remember enthusing to a friend online about the
powerfully beautiful (to me) recording of Cole Porter's) ..." 'I'm in Love,' with Abbey Lincoln." Riposte from my friend: "Oh, yeah, man! Me too!"

N.P. Thompson

I think Abbey was a bit more approachable than you give her credit for; I spoke with her briefly after a Sunday afternoon concert she gave in Park Slope many years ago and found her quite accessible. Still, a bank line isn't exactly the most conducive spot to strike up a conversation, so you were probably right to admire in silence.

Glenn, have you read the 1998 interview with Abbey that's in Wayne Enstice's book Jazzwomen? Part of it is excerpted here:


She has some devastating things to say about "We Insist!" starting with, "My career survived that, too."

I wish that she had had more film work. When one looks at the non-entities who have occupied space on our screens for decades, whom it's impossible to relate to, although we are supposed somehow to "care" about them, it leaves the impression that Abbey was simply too original for the impoverished imaginations that make movies.


Has it ever been acknowledged anywhere that GLENN KENNY is an ABSOLUTE, 100% DEAD RINGER for the guy who played the unctuous attorney Maury Levy on THE WIRE?


Yusuf Saepudin

ABBEY LINCOLN : http://www.worldnews.digirookstudio.com/us-headlines/11-abbey-lincoln.html


I was just thinking about that scene from "The Girl Can't Help It" a couple of days ago. I remember thinking "That would make a nice thread on a film blog."

It is evidence of my laziness that, as vivid as that one brief scene was to me, I never got around to watching "Nothing But a Man." Quick! To Netflix!

Anyway, thanks for the tribute. Even the generally ignorant like myself know your praise is justified.

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