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July 22, 2010


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Tom Russell

I wish more there were more indie films with the edgy film, instead of with the edgy titles.

And now, to start filming LESBIAN HAMLET.


...and then the Butthole Surfers' hip, edgy, indie label screwed them over and they went to court and the the Butthole Surfers won. The End.

Stephen Bowie

So basically, somebody yelled, "Hey, douchebag!" ... and you looked up? Not good, man.

LESBIAN HAMLET: starring you-know-who? Actually, she might not be bad....

Evelyn Roak

Lesson learned. I'm following Flipper's lead and naming my indie film "Generic."


Am I the only one who forever associates the term "douchebag" with that SNL sketch?

Tom Russell

Stephen: No, who?

I've actually been trying to convince my wife that we should do an all-female cast version of Hamlet-- called, yes, Lesbian Hamlet-- with copious amounts of nudity. There's so much sexual tension in the play, even if one's reading doesn't go the full Oedipal, and I think a female Hamlet might pose some nice questions w/r/t gender roles; Hamlet is, after all, only really explicitly masculine, as the world he lives in seems to define masculinity, in the final act.

But, no, my Mary will not let us do Lesbian Hamlet. And so we're doing Macbeth instead, with the thane's characterization falling somewhere within what is typically called The Woody Allen Range.

Jason M.

Tom, I think you've got something going here with your Lesbian Shakespeare series. I smell franchise.

Also, 'Lesbian Tempest' is a pretty great exploitation film title. Just sayin' is all.

@Evelyn Roak. No, no, you're doing it wrong. 'Generic' automatically becomes hip and edgy because of the clearly ironic nature of the title. Or something.


Tom, your wife seems awfully nice over on Facebook, but I can't say I approve at all of her anti-LESBIAN HAMLET stance. I'm already working on the cast list, and, if I do say so myself, it's a humdinger.

Glenn Kenny

Get thee to a nunnery, yup yup.

James Russell



The Two Gentlewomen of Verona?


Tit's Androgynous anyone?

OK, I'll get me coat......

 Medical Advice

they have learn and lesson that happen at the day.its ok.

Ben Sachs

The Merry Wives of Windsor! No alteration necessary!

Evelyn Roak

Tom--Speaking of Woody Allen, how can one skip "Out, Out Damn Spot: The Topless Macbeth." Seriously folks, Manhattan Murder Mystery is vastly underrated and one of his best movies, that line helping vault it to the top.


I'm going to assume As You Dyke It is too obvious.

And surely someone should be able to do something with Coriolanus.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Jennifer Connelly and (unknown actress) reprise their act for A Midsummer Night's Requiem for a Dream.

Judging from today's contributions we don't have LexG out of our systems yet.

Lou Lumenick

I personally would like to see Mr. Kenny take Stacy Keach's old stage role in a film version of Barbara Garson's "MacBird'' filmed in Paterson. Or maybe Armond in Amiri Baraka's (nee LeRoi Jones) sadly neglected "J-E-L-L-O.''


I regret to note that some Shakespearean specialists have been tutting of MUCH ADO ABOUT NO THING for decades (and Cole Porter missed that one).


A friend of mine, a Shakespeare scholar, directed Hamlet with an all-female cast last year. We know each other from an acting class we both took two summers ago in Vancouver. The link below leads to a very comprehensive website that includes video of performances of the play's first two acts.



Man, this place went nuts today, didn't it?


bill, I want you to know I had nothing to do with this.

I've used this handle for years, got it from a silly joke on "Will & Grace," swear to God. I'm not even a lesbian. NTTAWTT.

Also, I don't know how they got the keys to the liquor cabinet. I don't even know where you hide it, honest.

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