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July 27, 2010


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Fuck, long as I'm putting food on Kenny's plate by sending his thread count through the fucking ROOF today, might as well blow up this one too...

That shot is pretty awesome, but where, how and WHY do you guys see all this old bullshit? I don't watch movies where I'm not gonna see a chick I want to fuck or a dude I wish I was, so there's NO POINT in watching old movies. Which suck. I mean, old movies have a fucking ZITHER.

Seriously, ZITHER music. Who listens to THAT shit? STEP OUT OF THE OLD and just watch something with hot-ass squack in it.

Oliver C

Go fuck yourself you stupid fucking cunt.


Delightful. Class act, Ollie.

Glenn Kenny


Jeff McMahon

This is all because Dave Poland's blog has nothing going on today. Lex needed a different group of people from which to get attention. (And to exhibit cognitive dissonance.)

Stephen Whitty

To quote Regan MacNeil:

Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.

(Really, Glenn. The power of Christ compels you!)

Kent Jones


I wonder whose attention you're trying to get, LexG. Whoever it is, I don't think they read this blog.

It's no fun to be stuck in a job you hate or to be lonely. I hope you find something more fulfilling, so that you won't feel so compelled to bore people by drawing every topic back to yourself or to attack "old" movies on a blog that is more or less devoted to them.

Grant L

Glenn, I'm going to take the Tyler Durden comment you made in the previous post, combine it with your mention about how you impersonated an asshole on David Poland's blog, and throw in the fact that LexG is such a raving cartoon and say that I think Lex is either you, or that you're in cahoots with whoever's writing his dialogue.

Owain Wilson

Things really get out of hand fast around here. Fascinating!

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