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July 28, 2010


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Ryland Walker Knight

Saw that movie at T-ride in 08, beautiful print and great Alloy Orchestra accompaniment. Maybe the best thing I saw that weekend. That is, on a silver screen.


Here's what excites me-- un-hyped, I stumbled on a video print of DOCKS OF NEW YORK 15 years ago and, even without the ministrations of the Criterion druids, it qualified as one of the most gorgeous things I've ever watched. Less sweeping than SUNRISE, but with the same virtuoustic sheen and heedless romanticism. Can't wait to see what, buffed and refined, it looks like now.

Jason M.

More Sternberg = More Better. Speaking of which, August 21 in NYC, 92Y Tribeca is screening a double feature of 'Dishonored' and 'Shanghai Express.' 35mm prints and all. Just sayin', if anyone out there is around and interested.


Am I crazy for being more excited about the Sacha Guitry Eclipse set that's coming out soon? I haven't seen any of those films but what I've read so far has been very inviting.

Stephen Bowie

I'm going to give up trying to formulate a joke about contempt prior to investigation of the correct spelling of Emil Jannings's name and instead ask, where did all that smart film programming at 92Y come from? And why did it have to start immediately after I stopped having a reason to be in that neighborhood on a regular basis? They have a Lubtchansky tribute coming up (on July 31) with two Rivettes that must not be missed, DUELLE and LE PONT DU NORD.


The owner at our store is cost-cutting, and unfortunately, this Criterion set was one of the casualties. I'm going to do all I can to change her mind about this.


jwarthen: Yeah, DOCKS was unbelievably gorgeous on that VHS release, so the mind fairly boggles at the thought that the Criterion release will undoubtedly look even better.

Jason M.

@Stephen Bowie-

I know, right? Was wondering the same thing myself. Hadn't paid much (read: any) attention to 92Y Tribeca myself, but nothing like screening a Rivette double bill to put them up on my radar but fast. I've never had much of a reason to hang out in Tribeca myself, but good prints of DUELLE and PONT DU NORD pretty much take care of that.

Also, Phillipe Garrel''s REGULAR LOVERS plays there tomorrow as part of the same Lubtchansky tribute.

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