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July 11, 2010


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Living vicariously through Glenn in this post.

William Goss

Would you get credit if Larry David appropriated this anecdote for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm? At least your version had a civil resolution.

Tony Dayoub

Nice, breezy, mid-summertime post.


With all the love and respect in the world — but mostly because I'm a tiny dude myself and don't really feel like doing anything about it — the "hipster kids" these days (or whatever my cohort is) are perfectly capable of getting ripped. There has, in fact, recently been a slew of douchebags parading through my life wearing the worst basketball jerseys as evening-wear, seemingly because they can. I liked it more when they were all effete and small like myself, but whatever.

They could totally be biking through there also. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. A better question is why the British spelling for "Armour."

Back to the New Media trenches.

Chris O.

Fun stuff. Very cute "great niece" there -- a rare infant that doesn't look like Winston Churchill. To the first item, I realized why you're successful with your weight loss while I've hit a plateau... the first thing I notice in the top pic is "Home of the Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pie."

That said, I wish I could learn to like any electric piano simulations. I'd just as soon the fella hit one of the organ modes, even if it's of the pipe variety. I need to work on this. And, actually, my vote is for *more* audio-verité in this Pro Tools world, if the ambient sounds don't get in the way like a mother on b-ball court.

Noam Sane

I was doing a gig with a a cheesy rock band in downtown San Bruno, CA. in the late 90s. The drummer and I had taken advantage of a break to hop into my van to...ummm...discuss the next set. Yeah, that's it. Strangely, I could not find my lighter to...ummm...read the setlist. Yup.

So...we're walking back to the venue, and we are discussing the aforementioned lack of a lighter, and the fact that matches were also in short supply. "We were lucky we found those two!" I said. Just as I did, two fairly sizable women were walking past us going the other way. Suddenly one of them yelled at me, "I heard what you said!". Huh? "You said, look at those two!". I, a bit inebriated, and just chuckled and waved her off and moved on.

When I got back to the bar, the bartender ran up to me, very upset. "You have to apologize to him! Do it now!" He pointed in the direction of a small, stocky guy who I was soon to learn was the boyfriend of one of the two women. We made eye contact, and he immediately stalked over to me.

From here on, I don't remember much, other than I tried to explain the fact of what I said, versus what she heard. The explanation went nowhere, and I felt physically threatened. So I eventually apologized for something I didn't say, and we both moved on, but I was pretty shook up and, tragically, had completely lost my buzz.

I later spoke with the bartender, he explained that it could have become very ugly, and that I was dealing with Samoans. I know nothing of Samoans, and I do not come here to disparage any ethnic group. But I did at that point recall that there is a band named "Angry Samoans".

Anyway, I guess the point is, sometimes you have to eat some shit to keep the peace. And it usually makes for a good story to tell down the road.

Glenn Kenny

@ Vadim: once again, I have made myself misunderstood. My aim was not so much to take the piss out of "hipsters" (who, like the poor, are always with us—did you see Jeff Wells' urgent dis of Norman Rockwell the other day?) but of this ad's construction of the hipster; hence, my evocation of the pasty-faced-etcetera, and the rhetorical questions, were attempts to put myself in the mind of the account exec, as it were.

On a perhaps not unrelated note, one of the Kickstarter folks works out at the same gym as I do...

Jeff McMahon

Thank god Wells stuck it to Rockwell! That was indeed timely and relevant of him.


@Sean My sentiments exactly!

Tom Russell

I think either grand-niece or great-niece works, but prefer the latter, because (1) that makes me a great-uncle (soon to be twice a great-uncle) and (2) the former is just a syllable away from grandpa, which is a word I have no desire to hear before I'm thirty.

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