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July 26, 2010


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Stephen Whitty

Oh no, obviously I read your original post at that other site, Michael. In full. That's why I referred to it, as it seemed to illustrate where you were coming from in this discussion, and why the waters here were getting both stubbornly doctrinaire and increasingly muddied.

Because my understanding of your SFBG post was that, whether or not Gus Hall was the long-time face of the Communist Party in the United States, YOU don't recognize him as someone who understood "what Communism is." So, therefore, he's not a real (the surprising upper-case choice is yours) Communist.

Which, to amplify your writing, seems to be saying that "people can call themselves what ever they want" but that other people -- i.e., YOU -- are to decide what they ACTUALLY are.

This is certainly convenient.

But -- I'm sorry -- someone who decides that he or she will unilaterally decide what words mean, no matter what other people say they mean, is someone out of Lewis Carroll, and not a suitable debating partner, in this or any other forum outside of Wonderland.

So, as Bill said, go with God. Or Trotsky. Or with the Marx of your choosing (I suggest Gummo). I'm moving on.

But seriously, thanks again for liberating this thread from LexG -- even if it meant bringing it into the sort of redder-than-thou, left-fringe fulminations I haven't seen since the days of Bob Avakian.

Michael Worrall


Nowhere in Marx is there an argument that advancing socialism requires or depends upon enlarging the privileges of a parasitic, bureaucratic caste.


There is no evidence whatsoever that crime is inherent to human nature; however, there is every evidence that the roots of social evils lie in the division of societies into classes where a ruling class exploits the labor of an oppressed producing class.

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