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July 01, 2010


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Many thanks for this post. The release of these two discs may be the thing that precipitates my adoption of the format. Anyone need to buy a kidney? How bout a lung?

Grant L

Thankfully that's reached the point of not even being necessary, unless you feel the need to buy a big ol' herkin' TV. About six months ago I bought a very good Blu-ray player and 20-inch HDTV for a grand total of just under $400. And disc prices are comparable or near-comparable with DVDs.


Thanks Glenn for these reports. I find them very useful. Looking forward to the July Guide.

Fuzzy Bastard

I don't have a Blu-Ray player for my Mac (yet), but... can Snapz Pro or iShowYou take Blu-Ray screenshots? The latter, in particular, might be just the ticket. Also, can you play Blu-Rays with VLC player? If so, that should support screenshotting, and might even let you export a still directly.

If not---do you have an Intel Mac? If so, you could install Paralells or VMWare, create a Windows partition, and do your capturing there.

Finally, and maybe simplest of all---have you tried Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac? It costs $40, but there's a free trial version on their site so you could see if it does what you need.

jim emerson

I don't know if this will help, but Amazon has an LG external Blu-ray drive/burner that customer comments say works with Snow Leopard and Toast (with the Blu-ray plug-in). It's about $300 here: http://j.mp/96mAfk

Glenn Kenny

Thanks, Fuzzy and Jim. I'll look into those options...

Zack McGhee

Thanks, Glenn, for this report, which is very useful and informative. I do, however, want to point out that the "Beaver-reported bitrate for the ITV disc [of] 6.71 mbps" is likely inaccurate. It looks like a copy/paste flub to me, since that's the same bitrate of the Network Region 2 DVD in the adjacent table column. Further evidence comes from the fact that the ITV disc isn't represented by any of the bitrate graphs, so it seems like they just forgot about it and/or the reviewer of the ITV disc couldn't get the report, and they forgot to remove the text reference.

Mark@Maple Syrup Diet

Wow. Looking forward for the next July guide from you. Keep it up!


Macs are not able to play back Blu-ray discs, even VLC will not work. You can only create or rip them with Toast, there is no way to play them back. I use the LG burner to create Blu-rays, but if I want to view them, I have to go into Windows via Bootcamp. I tried Parallels, but it doesn't work either, because Blu-ray needs direct access to the OS. Thank Steve Jobs...

Doug Pratt

What did you think of the pink outlines around the white nun's habits in Black Narcissus?

Michael Worrall

Doug Pratt...the Doug Pratt of the DVDLaser Newsletter?! If so, may I ask what happened to your website? (You may get asked this a lot, so I apologize.) I collect laserdiscs and your reviews were essential in making purchasing decisions.

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