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July 21, 2010


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You know what also rules, is when hot, DEMURE, delicate, NON-THREATENING, wispy, waifish, sensitive, vaguely wounded, circling-age-18 young hot chicks show their feet.

It RULES. Also I'd like to PLANT AN INCEPTION into all the chicks I mentioned above GOOD JOKE.

Stephen Bowie

I love it when trolls SWEAR they're leaving a site for good and don't last 24 hours.

I guess it was fair game to point out the contradiction in my (oversimplified) Kael citation and the gender ratio in film criticism ... but, still, there are a lot of fanboys in the profession whose fetish objects I would just as soon not learn about.


Late to the conversation, but I just wanted to mention that when David Edelstein wrote about Ally Sheedy setting off his "jailbait meter" in his review of War Games, I was never able to read him again without thinking of that. David Edelstein = perv = his opinion is useless.

Glenn Kenny

Not to belabor the possibly obvious, but I find that a little poignant, Ratzkywatzky, as I strongly suspect your reaction was pretty much the inverse of what Dave E. was going for. I got the impression, back in those days, that he figured that skating on the thin ice of being objectionable would make him look less like a milquetoast. Also, back then he was young and cute enough (in a preppy way, I grant) that such outbursts were more likely to induce a raised eyebrow and a "You're kidding, right?" than an "Eeew! Dirty old man! Call the cops!"


I'm going to post this here because, though it's off-topic given how this discussion has evolved, it seems like even worse form to resurrect the INCEPTION thread and this is related.

I just saw SALT and I enjoyed it at least as much as INCEPTION, even though it's not as ambitious. Like INCEPTION, it's driven by a marriage and part of why SALT works so well is that I found that relationship much more emotionally compelling than the Cobb/Mal dynamic. Basically, it's a cartoonish BOURNE IDENTITY with Angelina Jolie instead of Matt Damon, but it handles its reversals and misdirection much better and more lightly than INCEPTION's endlessly over-explained twists. It's not doing anything deep, but then again, neither is INCEPTION, though it gets credit for pretending otherwise.

Matt Zoller Seitz has a review that goes further than I would, but which captures SALT's positives very well: http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/culture/2010/07/242257/secret-ambition-salt-and-angelina-jolie

Anyone else have this reaction? Or has this just been such a terrible summer for Hollywood movies that I'm overreacting to the merely competent?

Chris O.

@DUH - I pretty much agree with your sentiments, though I think Seitz's praise may be a little excessive. Do we know what Manohla Dargis thought of SALT? Seven months ago in the Jezebel Q&A, she said (in response to a Paul Dergarabedian quote): "If Angelina Jolie had been cast in a movie as a good as The Bourne Identity with a filmmaker like Paul Greengrass, I would have gone out to see it, and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone." Curious if she thinks SALT is a step in the right direction.

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