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June 17, 2010


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Account Deleted

Timothy Dalton as Mr Pricklepants. I'm in.


"Great movie. You should definitely see it."

I definitely will. After finally catching up on the Pixar's I'd missed (well, WALL-E, which I found a little smug, but also ambitious and beautiful), and still sailing on the glory that was UP, I became concerned that the next THREE Pixar films will be sequels. Not that I have a beef with there being a TOY STORY 3, because obviously there should be many more than that, but CARS 2 and MONSTERS, INC 2 have given me some concern. I'm glad that to hear that at least the first of these sequels isn't a step down.

Tom Russell

The first two Toy Story films never quite resonated with me the way some of Pixar's other films-- NEMO, MONSTERS, Bird's INCREDIBLES and the still-unmatched excellence of Bird's RATATOUILLE-- but I'm actually kind of looking forward to this one, especially with the darkness and the sadness I keep hearing about. That's the kind family films need more of, IMHO.

@Bill-- CARS 2-- yeah, that kinda hurts my head. I almost want to say, why on earth do they think we need a second CARS, but my understanding is that Lasseter is a huge fan of Nascar and car culture. And so while I'm not sure I ever really want to see the film, I can appreciate the dude wanting to follow his muse, as it were.

And I believe that 2012 is going to see the release of TWO Pixar films, Bill-- BRAVE in the summer and MONSTERS INC. 2 in the autumn. So it's not -quite- three-in-a-row.

S. Porath

Why, oh why can't they have one film that is not obviously great to everyone? This process, of people apologizing for loving every new Pixar film has got to go. There must be a less frustrating way to talk about them. The look of pity in people eyes after they hear I had problems with Up, too. I KNOW I'm going to see Toy Story 3. I KNOW I'm gonna love a lot of it. I KNOW I'm going to have the nagging suspicion that it goes soft at some point.
The inevitability of it all vexes me to no end.

Jeff McMahon

I had serious problems with Wall-E, and was downright bored with Cars, if that helps.


Absolutely cannot wait to see this. I'm the kind of pitiful softie that actually starts choking up at fucking TRAILERS for Pixar movies. I think I honestly teared up more over the trailer for Wall-E than the film proper, but that's neither here nor there. In any case, I'm anticipating needing more Kleenex than usual here, seeing the first Toy Story was one of the most seminal movies of my childhood, and now this one comes along right after I graduate college and REALLY have to contemplate adulthood finally. Yeesh.
Also, I should add that I think Toy Story 3 might be what finally ends my refusal to see any of these guldarn new-fangled 3-D movies.

Chris O.

@Tom -- I gotta think, too, that part of the appeal of CARS 2 to Lasseter & gang will be the particular international settings in the story -- one of which is Japan where, speaking of Miyazaki references, we can presumably (obviously) expect a Studio Ghibli nod or two. Though they've been there before with TOKYO MATER. Still, Pixar animating Germany, Japan and France again... looking forward to that (in 3D).


Just an FYI @ Cars. I didn't care much for it when it was released but now that I watch it about 75 times a week with my son I now see its particular genius.

Dan Coyle

"I almost want to say, why on earth do they think we need a second CARS"

Because Cars is a merchandising BONANZA for Pixar, especially compared to say, WALL-E, which didn't sell much in the way of toys. I think Cars has a terribly cliched script but at least is visually sumptious.

Kyle C.

@ GK or anyone else -- What are you thoughts on "Day & Night?" I dunno, but I think it may be the greatest Pixar short yet. Someone out there must be assembling a mini-treatise on its handling of light and sound, visual dimensionality, film history (the praxinoscope, Zoetrope, etc.) and so forth, right? Get Guy Maddin on the case.

Glenn Kenny

@ Kyle—Yes, it's utterly great and brilliant and the only reason I didn't write about it was because to explain how it works was beyond my powers of prose. SO wonderful.


Great to hear about Day & Night. I always felt that in the accolades heaped on Up (all justified - it's my favorite Pixar film), the short that preceded it, Partly Cloudy, got short shrift. I thought it was some of their best short work, and was seriously bummed when it didn't get nominated for the Animated Short Oscar.

Russ H

Do you guys know the children's book "little blue and little yellow?


I was reminded of it during the Day & Night short. I think both are pretty terrific.


"I would say that Pixar has done it again, and I imagine pretty much everybody else will say the same as well (as I write this it's got a 100% "Fresh" rating at Rotten Tomatoes)."

One word, two syllables: Armond.


Miyazaki hommage at the end too -- there's a toy that looks to be a big brown stuffed Totoro. :)

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