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June 16, 2010


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The Siren

My condolences, Glenn.


This is sad news. I really enjoyed his book on Wong Kar-Wai and would highly recommend it to any WKW fans out there.


Horrible news. Brunette was one of the best writing today. His Wong Kar-Wai book is essential.

Rest In Peace sir. Condolences to his friends and family.

Kent Jones

It was only a few weeks ago when I ran into Peter, first in New York and then in Cannes. Shocking news. He was, as always, cordial, attentive, and, as you say, very good company. A real loss.


I never got to meet Mr. Brunette. But his work has been an inspiration to me for years, since he provided an unequalled model for how to exist as both an academic and a critic, how to allow both existences to mutually inform one another, how to keep those languages in their proper place, but never, ever cordon them off artificially. Mr. Brunette was a cinephile and a deconstructionist, and the fact that I never once saw any hint of conflict in those identities says volumes about the kind of thinker and viewer he was.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Mark Slutsky

My condolences too. Glenn, that last paragraph was very moving.


A scholar, a gentleman and dispenser of perfectly-prepared dish. Another on the list of never-can-say-goodbye.

Mark Rabinowitz

That was a very nice piece and it would fit in well with the comments that and other friends of Peter's have been leaving on the indieWIRE piece. He was indeed a true gentleman, scholar and prince.

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