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June 13, 2010


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Ben Sachs

This is the essay that begins with "History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce," right?

A friend showed me "18th Brumaire" in college to demonstrate that Marx did have a sense of humor. There's a good deal of snark in that piece among the more unsettling observations... which remain pertinent, sadly.

Glenn Kenny

Yes, it is the same, Ben.

Yes, the reason I put up this particular lit interlude is that I was struck by its pertinence, particularly with respect to those who scream "socialism," etc. But I also like its rhetorical thrust, as it were. Even the VERY confirmed anti-Marxist Robert Conquest admits that Marx can be a pretty compelling stylist when he's not playing amateur economist.

Evelyn Roak

It has been years since I've read it, perhaps I'll take it off the shelf again soon, but I remember enjoying Marshall Berman's analysis of Marx's language in his book "All That Is Solid Melts Into Air." His last section, about NYC in the 60's, 70's, Robert Moses and more, the last chapter: "Bringing It All Back Home", I also have fond recollections of. And, to go back a few days, a Christgau blurb to boot (they seemed to trade blurbs back and forth with regularity).

Also brings to mind George W.S. Trow's closing of his criminally under read essay/book "Within The Context of No Context" with reflections on Moses.


Ah, so it was about the tea partiers. I suspected you selected the text inspired by current events, but I was wondering what it had to do with Nicholas Ray and mumblecore!


Socialism is the dumbest shit ever.

How would ugly and old dudes ever get laid? The AWESOMEST THING ABOUT CAPITALISM BAR NONE is that a bad-looking guy can just GET RICH and still bang models.

If we were all a bunch of collectivist tent-dwelling campfire Socialist assholes, the only ones scoring mad vag would be the good-looking, wool-cap-wearing, acoustic guitar-strumming Gael Garcia Bernal-looking motherfuckers.

Also: FUCK POOR PEOPLE. They're usually poor because they're STUPID. And if that sounds harsh, look deep within: Do you REALLY care about poor people? I know I don't. I don't care about ANYONE but myself or anyone who directly affects me.

Fuck the collective.



I can't decide if I wish LexG being for real...

"Feed me T-Moms pics! NOW!"

Dan Coyle

Lex is for real. He's been like that on Wells' blog for years. He was more fun when he tried to tie every conversation into how much he hated John Nolte, though. Which he doesn't anymore because John accepted his friend request, or something.

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