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June 22, 2010


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Stephen Bowie

Said King Records DVD now being out of print and quite scarce, I believe. They also issued the Italian crime film PROFESSIONAL KILLER (Tecnica di un omicidio), starring the great Robert Webber, and I'd love to glom onto that DVD somehow. Fortunately I was able to rent DEATH LAID AN EGG from Kim's Video before they cashed in their chips, and I agree, it's a weird, one-of-a-kind movie.

Tony Dayoub

Two of the hottest actresses ever in one film? I'm going to have to investigate.

chris nashawaty

Death Lays an Egg's definitely one of the freakiest gialli I've ever seen. Whether or not it's very good is another matter (but you're right, the score's a honey). I could have read another thousand words about it. Thanks for reminding me of a weird-ass movie, Glenn. I may throw it on this weekend.


Glenn- The title didn't ring a bell, but the stars and plot did. Then I realized that when I saw this film, way back in 1969 in New York, it was titled "Plucked." Just an FYI from a fan.

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