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June 05, 2010


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John M

Glenn Kenny, you are looking fit.

I know how that sounds.

But really, you look fit.


Aw, thanks Glenn!

Along with John M's fit comment, you seem awfully chipper lately, too. Good on ya.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks much, gents. John M., I take the compliment completely in the spirit in which it was intended. I've shed almost 60 pounds—the equivalent of a small child—since we propitiously met face-to-face on that bus queue last Thanksgiving. This means those Victor Buono/Laird Cregar-type film roles will be harder to come by, no doubt; on the other hand, it beats dropping dead before you're 60.

And now, My Lovely Wife and I will go for a walk on the beach.


You look downright skinny, Glenn. Keep it up!

Tony Dayoub

I hope you'll take this in the spirit in which it is intended also, but 60 pounds is not equivalent to a small child. I have two small children and the oldest doesn't yet weigh 35 pounds.

So double congrats on the pound-shedding!

Jeff McM

Seconding (fifthing?) the compliments on the look.

Ed Hulse

You're wasting away to nothing! And you're skinny, too....

John M

Seriously, 60 pounds?!? Your next posts should be about cardio and diet routines. I'm only half-joking. Quarter-joking, really. What's the routine?

Nice work!

Owain Wilson

You're ready to don a wig and join a KISS tribute band as Paul Stanley. Well done, Glenn.

Also, I have only just read the previous post and its comments. Exciting!

The Siren

Ed, I told you "beauteous" was le mot juste. Although I almost went with "soigné."

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