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May 18, 2010


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Tom Russell

Looking forward to this one; I'm a big Douglas fan.


I liked THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE and ROUNDERS, so my two experiences with Koppelman/Levien have been positive, but is it wrong that the main draw for me to see SOLITARY MAN is Jenna Fischer?


If Douglas is anywhere near as good as he was in Wonder Boys, this is going to be a treat.


Wonder Boys was my first thought as well....his last good movie really - and, i'd argue, his best since Wall Street.


I actually thought KNOCKAROUND GUYS was decent, so I'll be checking this one out.


you had me at 'morvern callar'


Am I the only one who always wants to punch Jesse Eisenberg in the face?


Next time we are in front of a group together, a screening series, whatever, we should absolutely talk about that moment, editing decision and etc... I agree, the whole thing plays differently as a result. Don't want to get further into it, though, until many more people have seen it, to not even shade what we're talking about.
So glad you dig the film.

Lord Henry


I would also like to punch Jesse Eisenberg in the face.

Although I liked him in THE SQUID AND THE WHALE.

Actually there are a lot of people I would put ahead of Jesse Eisenberg re: punching in the face, now that I come to think about it.

Margaret Thatcher, Britney Spears, G. Gordon Liddy, Mike Leigh...That guy who does that top 10 countdown on E News or whatever the fuck that show is...Uhhhh...I was gonna say Pinochet but I just remembered he's dead.

Stephen Whitty

Had the pleasure of introducing this at a screening tonight, Glenn, and you're right, it's a nice, unexpected pleasure. And among the greatest pleasures onscreen was Douglas.

He's done some crud over the last ten years (although I was kind of fond of him in "King of California") but taking off on something you wrote, I'd almost say this movie is kind of him saying "fuckit" too -- but in a good way.

I mean, you don't have to be a regular People reader to know a lot of things about this character (the issues he has with aging, with fidelity, with family) cut pretty close to Douglas' real life. Add to that the pretty reprehensible things the character does onscreen (and those morning-after shots of him in bed, like a beached manatee)and you could imagine some actors being hesitant. But Douglas dives right in.

Definitely his best since "Wonder Boys." Worth seeing, and full of nice touches (I loved that shot in the hotel bar, which uses a mirror and a staircase to divide the frame into a series of levels -- and hint that there may be a few different levels in what we're about to see happen.) Just hope people find out about this one -- it doesn't help that the title sounds like at least two other films that already came out last year.

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