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May 03, 2010


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Jason M.

Very sad. She was a great, great actress.

Steve Winer

Just a few months ago, I saw her last stage performance. She performed her autobiographical one woman show "Nightingale" at the Manhattan Theater Club. Although she was apparently quite ill at the time, you would never have known it. She sat a desk and read from the script, but she was strong, in complete control of the stage, and moving. Hard to believe such a vital talent is gone.


Whatever you think of KINSEY, I think she's just terrific in that final scene. It could have been unbearably maudlin, but she makes it openly emotional and moving.

James Keepnews

I was thinking about GEORGY GIRL only this very past weekend, and Lynn's brilliant, distinctive breakout performance therein -- simply, one of the most iconic female roles in modern English-language cinema. She was cruelly under-appreciated and under-used. R.I.P.

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