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May 06, 2010


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S. Porath

AvengingC...just the name a fake Glenn would choose. IMPOSTER!


I dig the impulse (as Fletch once said). I'm also skeptical if the increasingly mindlessly contentious tone of filmwriting online for the last year needs this escalation. I know this won't give you pause at all; just saying I'm really, really glad to be getting out of town for ten days today to avoid it for a while.

Glenn Kenny

@Vadim: Yeah...believe it or not, I do hear ya, and believe it or not (and this might actually be harder to believe), I'm trying to be mindful of what you're talking about, my deliberately quarrelsome and judgmental Twitter persona aside! I know you've been through some irksome nonsense in this respect of late(and extra-diegetically, as well!) and I hope you get a refreshing respite in your time away. Godspeed.


Your feed, or whatever it's called, is both amusing and, for an outsider like me, occasionally confusing. But this all makes me wonder if I might like to join Twitter, something I've resisted pretty well up to now. If I cave, what's left for me to resist?

Jason M.

You have an iPad, bill? You can always hold out on that for awhile until another 'it' product comes out.


I don't! As far as technology goes, I've actually resisted a lot of shit! I guess I'm still okay. Thanks, Jason...


I'm still (relatively) young, but my resistance to and general curmudgeonly attitude toward Twitter is starting to give the lie to that (while, hopefully, signaling something like wisdom, too). I'd like to ask any twitterers here what the attraction is - really, what do you get out if it? To me, it doesn't even seem communicative. It just seems like trumpet blasts into a vacuum. I know Twitter has already won the battle, so to speak - even the naysayers are signing up. But if there are great radical works of art ahead, my guess is they're going to come from people who aren't twittering, maybe from people who - can you imagine it? - aren't even online!

"Today the only modernism worthy of the name is antimodern modernism." - Milan Kundera

Jason M.

Also, Glenn, how much of your return to Twitter is due to the knowledge that everything you tweet now is going into the Library of Congress for posterity? You can level with us here, I'm sure nobody will tell. ;)


Too bad. Now I have a reason to return to watching my Twitter feed again.

Richard Brody

Glenn, why look for trouble where there isn't any? My tweet was an esoteric wink, Roger teased me about it, I explained; it was just chatting, and it was all in good fun.

Glenn Kenny

There, there, Richard; as W. C. Fields once said, I was only fooling and pretending.

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