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May 16, 2010


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I haven't read anything else by Ramin Setoodeh, so I'll take your word for it.

Btw, what was "Part 1"?

Steven Santos

Does a day ever go by where a print or online writer does not write something so astoundingly stupid for the purpose of driving sales and traffic? Call me cynical, but I think bringing up the actor's sexual preferences in a "review" seemed designed to get the response it did. Honesty, my ass.

We have reached the point in our culture when people like Setoodeh seek any press, even if it's bad press, as long as people are talking about what he's writing even if it does not provoke thought as much as it provokes controversy for the daily news cycle. Meanwhile, it does not function in any way as legitimate criticism.


I read Setoodeh's piece, and I found it less vile and bigoted than flat-out moronic. I don't think he knows what he's trying to say. One the one hand, he says Sean Hayes's performance on stage is unbelievable because he's gay. On the other hand, he says that Rock Hudson doesn't project, um, gayness, I guess, but the problem is we know he's gay now, so we don't believe him in straight roles. But this has nothing to do with his performance, and is in fact entirely something Setoodeh brings to the films himself that he allows to get in the way.

Then he says that Neil Patrick Harris and Portia de Rossi pull off heterosexuality because they're playing non-realistic roles. In HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, Harris and de Rossi are playing cartoonishly aggressive heterosexuals. Which people buy. Wouldn't that be HARDER for a gay person to pull off, using Setoodeh's theory?

Dan Coyle

I'll say what I said on Facebook. Mr. Seetodeh, I've read Andrew Sullivan, I've disgareed with Andrew Sullivan, I've questioned the sanity of Andrew Sullivan. I've despised Andrew Sullivan. And you, Mr. Seetodah, are no Andrew Sullivan.

Former intern

Setoodeh wasn't promoted because he was a contrarian or developed any kind of particular writing style - rather, he was promoted because he seemed innocuous to Newsweek brass, particularly Jon Meacham, a brilliant fellow who couldn't care less about the culture section of Newsweek (or anything unrelated to history and politics) and has driven away pretty much all the arts staff. That left Setoodeh, an affable guy who appeared during my time to avoid confrontations at all costs and knows enough about pop culture in a purely superficial sense to seem qualified enough to his bosses to write about it, as the only guy around the office to write for what remains of Newsweek's arts coverage. Not that I disagree with Glenn's ultimate point here, but I think Setoodeh wasn't trying to be a provocateur as much as having a conversation over drinks one night and turning it into a column and because of all the layoffs and disinterest, didn't have anyone above him to tell him he's a twit.

Glenn Kenny

@ former intern: Thanks for the info, or dish. You know I do love me some inside baseball stuff.


A belated response: Oh my God, Glenn, absolutely brilliant. You nailed it. Fierce!

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