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May 04, 2010


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Good stuff Glenn. Thank you. Love Lester too.
(Also, why wouldn't there be a SS lovefest?--he gave you the best screen entrance since Harry Lime!)


Thank you for a lovely interview, Glenn-- she sounds like she was really great fun to talk to. So interesting to hear about the making of Zhivago-- I've always loved the film, but didn't know a lot about its production history. And thanks for mentioning the Soderbergh/Lester book-- it's one of my favorite film "memoirs" (if one can even classify it in just one category), and it was the book that really made me appreciate Soderbergh's films a lot more.


Nice intervew, thank you. Tushingham has such a special quality in A Taste of Honey. I recall a photo of Richardson, Tushingham, and John Osborne at the premiere party. The two men are in clover and Tushingham, appearing a bit squeezed between them, is looking up quizzically at Osborne. Those were the days.


Lucky you. She's wonderful and absolutely adorable in THE KNACK...

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